I run regular Writers’ Retreats at the University of Bristol. Following a successful pilot in the Faculty of Arts in 2014, they have been taken up by other faculties, Academic Staff Development, the Bristol Doctoral College and DTEs.

These Writers’ Retreats are designed to give participants a quiet, structured space to write, together with a few tips for writing alone and in groups. They are suitable for anyone undertaking academic writing; undergraduates, postgraduates, and academics.

Take a look at the diary to see forthcoming retreats.

Want to know more, or discuss booking your own retreat, contact me on pam.lock@bristol.ac.uk.

What participants say: 

“Pam provides a very useful structured timetable for writing and I find myself much more
productive when I use it.” (Postgraduate student, Faculty of Arts)

“It really was wonderful! I’d come every fortnight if I could, absolutely – being with other people and having somebody else provide the structure takes the pressure off. Just the right amount of guidance from the facilitator.”

“my word count for the day was similar to a typical fortnight’s worth of writing in the office” (Postgraduate student, Faculty of Engineering)

“It was utterly amazing in productiveness. I would like to thank you so
much again.” (Postgraduate student, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law)

“No distractions, no internet, the environment made you want to work
and concentrate” (Postgraduate student, Faculty of Science)

“Since the retreat, I have started to manage my time differently when writing.” (Postgraduate student, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law)

“A good confidence boost” (Postgraduate student, Faculty of Arts)

“A wonderful day, and one which has productively informed my future writing days. Thank you!”


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